How to: early morning

I think we all have those days when you have to start the day very early and you are trying to stay on warm cosy bed as long as possible. We press snooze button over and over again, we refuse to say ‘bye’ to a blanket – we all been there. So I though today I would share with you some my tips when it comes to dealing with those days.

early morning

  1. Think over your outfit the day before. This is highly important. So when you wake up you don’t have to waste tons of time looking for a perfect jeans or skirt and matching sweater. And moreover you are not risking that some of the clothed are in the laundry.
  2. Pack your bag. Same as with clothes – you want to have everything you might need already packed (for the most part). So you are not rushing around the flat looking for keys – typical me!
  3. Minimize your makeup as much as you can. I’m one of those that would rather sleep more and spend less time on makeup so prefer to go light –
      • light / medium foundation or only concealer. I don’t want to spend a lot of time blending different products, I prefer to go with one that can do everything.
      • blush – for me this is something I’d always wear. I got for something shimmery and act as a highlighter as well.
      • filled eyebrows – since my eyebrows are not that full, I like to fill them in and it make a huge difference.
      • eyeshadows – I would choose cream eyeshadow – they blends easily, you don’t need a brush and they’ll stay pretty long time.
      • mascara – again one product that can change the whole appearance.
  4. As for the hair – make sure you washed it like yesterday, if you need to wash it everyday, well then you have to sleep less. You can use either a texturing spray or something to make it alive, or dry shampoo is a good staff not only for non-fresh hair but for volume as well!
  5. breakfast – again all people are different, but I will never skip this step. If I have to get up early that means I have a lot of staff to do so I need energy. I would just pick ‘easy-n-fast’ products – maybe some yogurt with granola / sandwich / apple with some kind of oatmeal or nut bar.
  6. Don’t rush to much. This is my problem in particularly – I’m running. Even I’m sure I’m arriving on time I run, I don’t not why! And then I have to spend couple of minutes to restore the breathe. Not good.
  7. And after all enjoy the day – no matter when it started you are lucky anyway to have another day in your life. You cannot live it once again so make it worth living and make sure it was a damn good day :)

Do you have any tips guys that might help us with early mornings?



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