Matte buddy

Nowadays nails are big huge! There are so many textures, finishes, styles. You definitely heard of nail wraps? Caviar manicure? Ascent nails? You see, that’s what I’m talking about. The popular it can get.

I know That people are crazy about gel-looking nails – the Nails Inc Gel latest launch rings a bell? There some tempting shades, but apparently I’m on the other train.



INM Out the Door Matte Top Coat – 7$ – try Amazon or Walgreens. I was on a hunt for matte top coat pretty long time and I was after Essie ones, but they didn’t have one in stock whenever I stopped at a shop. Once the lady offered me this. You know how popular and well-loved among nail polish junkies their fast drying top coat? Well… being aware of that I though I cannot go wrong with them.


 This can transfer you nail look completely. I don’t know what so magical about it but I just cannot stop staring at my nails. I just left the shop and already was trying it on siting at the nearest bench.

I think this will look incredible on black nail polish – the leather effect, on dark blue nail polish – the denim effect. I’m also tempting to try it on some glitters. Stay tuned for those swatches.

Welcome home nail polish junkies!

Have you tried some interesting top coats?



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