Sparkling jazz

For today’s post I’ve decided to go sparkly. Who does love that, right? I’m always up for glittery / shimmery bits either eyeshadows or clothes or nail or this time it’s jewelry.

I’ma strong believer that accessorizing makes a huge difference to the appearance, whether it is heels or statement jewelry. Lately the world went crazy over statement necklaces and I’m not an exception. Honestly I’ve always been a necklace kind of girl – pendants, dainty necklaces and all that kind of jazz. But now the bigger the necklace the better, am I wrong?


I’ve picked my most worn and loved pieces, some of them were purchased way back, but I’m gonna try my best finding the links to them.

Let’s move on from top to bottom.


  • ASOS Statement Bib necklace. It’s big, I’ll be honest with you, but pairing it with simple top and a blazer – it look rich, not like some cheap plastic necklace. Even with a simple black T-shirt it looks sophisticated.  It’s heavy, but you don’t feel it at all, it’s very well-made and I just love it. When I saw in on ASOS – I knew we cannot live without each other. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the exact one, but this one seems has pretty similar concept – big, long just on a pink-ish side.
  • Swarowski Oceanic Red Pendanthere. This was a gift and I just felt in love with it. It goes with anything – T-shirts, dresses, shirts. I love pairing it with opposite color clothes – with a green dress and blue shirt, it just makes the color pop even more.
  • ASOS Triangle Stone Necklace. Again couldn’t find the exact one, but any sparkle necklace will do. Since it is very plain and simple it can be worn on anything what so ever. You can dress in up, you can dress in down whenever you feel like, it’s absolutely up to your taste and mood. I found similar one here – rhinestones? yes. Just no triangles – more for bubbles fans.
  • ASOS Triangle Bib Necklacehere. Too many triangles for any post? I don’t care, I love them :) This one is more on the summer side, but again, I follow my heart and soul with that one. If I see my outfits ask for something like this I cannot resist. Bright, unique, affordable, what is more there to ask? It looks so cool and chic with sweaters, t-shirts.
  • Pearl Statement necklace. This one I bought on Instagram, you know all those accounts that sell jewelry? Well, this so it, And by the way it is such a cool way to shop – you can browse through every piece, look outfit ideas, ask the seller just there about everything. You hashtags to find some cool retails and pieces. It’s easier than you think. I like this one for it’s dainty, it’s so girly girl, I couldn’t pass that one. Look incredible with dress ( if you need a hint :) ).
  • Last but not least – Swarowski Pamela Necklace – here. This is 2 in 1 necklace. If you clip it the right way you get a statement necklace with three row chains of different length OR you can skip that and wear it over the neck to have only two long crystal chains and you get more day-to-day necklace that runs longer and reminds more those bib necklaces. Versatile, I told you.

What are you favorite way to accessorize? Tell me where you buy you jewelry cause I want more. Always.



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