Christmas Nails

Time for another Christmas post. Gosh, I getting so excited and I hope I can transfer that feeling to my posts and inspire you all. Actually, I don’t know what it is, I’ve never looked forward that much for Christmas like I do now – this year. But I’m very festy as you may notice.


Okay, back to beauty. It’s nails time today! Being a total nail polish junkie I’m always trying a way to use more than one nail polish at a time – I need to justify having that much, damn!

What can be more christmasy than having a snowman, santa, candy cane and a christmas tree?


On my pinky I went for yummies – candy cane. I’m painted Paint your nails white (I’ve applied 2 coats of Essie ‘Blanc’) and let them dry completely. Then take a scotch/sticky tape and cut out very thin stripes and place them on the nail depending on how thick you want. (A tip here! Before sticking those stripes on the nail, stick them on your hand several times to make them less harsh, so they won’t rip off the white nail polish). Them paint over red nail polish until desired opacity and remove the scotch before it dries. I went with sparkly red – Essie ‘Lady Like’ from my ‘Hello December‘.

Moving on to ring finger – snowmen. Again paint your nail white and let it dry. Then take a tooth pick dipped into a black (my option is Essie ‘Licorice’ – best black I’ve ever had) and fill 1/3 of the nail, follow it up with 2 bigger dots for eyes and 5-ish smaller ones for mount. Add a little carrot nose and you’re done!

Middle finger – the easiest. I didn’t want to overload the overall look with to many designs so I went with a plain sparkle nail. I’ve used OPI ‘My favorite Ornament’ and it a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Opaque in 2 coats. This is definite stand out for me from Mariah Carey collection (and a must-have, yes).

For the index finger I couldn’t not to paint Santa. Start by painting 1/3 of you nail red – Santa’s hat (I’ve used OPI ‘Big Red Apple’), then drag whiskers on both sides of the nail. Take a toothpick to dot the eyes and with a dotting tool (or same trusty toothpick) finish off the beard. Take a pastel pink for a nose. I’ve used OPI ‘Mod about you’ and  the actual nail polish brush for that. Yay, now you have your own Santa – make a wish!

The thumb is left with a Christmas tree. Paint you nail white and then using different shades of green (darker one – OPI ‘Jade is the New Black’ and lighter -) dot the tree. Then add some lights with red nail polish and yellow dot for a star on the top.


You don’t have to paint all of your nail that way, you may do one as an ascent finger or use one design for all of your nails – totally up to you. Have fun!

What is your favorite design of those?



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