Best Christmas Movies

Aren’t you tired of Christmas posts? Well I’m not – from post to post I’m getting even more excited. Today we speak entertainment. For me there is nothing better than a Christmas music through the speakers or a warming movie with a cup of hot chocolate to smooth the evening over. 

Side note: if you have more recommendations please please leave in the comments below. 

Let’s start with movies? 


As I’ve mentioned in my ‘Hello December’ post on the top of my list sit 2 movies – How Grinch Stole Christmas and Polar Express. They just make me happy. The smile doesn’t leave my face. Can it be enough? Of course not. Need some love mood? Love actually. Colin Firth? *heart-eyed face* Emma Thompson? Bill Nighy / Mack with his ‘Christmas is all around me’? And whole bunch of other festive soundtracks…? This is a definite must-watch. You can never have enough love stories? The Holiday. Humor, flashing lights, sound of crunchy snow, sexy Jude Law. Gosh, how handsome he is. Even writing about that now makes me wanna watch the movie look at him. Need a movie with inspiring and deep sense? A Christmas Carol is for you. This can certainly teach you a lesson. Personality’s transformation from bad to good? Always nice. Can anyone skip Christmas with out watching the perfect duo a.k.a. Home Alone & Home Alone 2? I think those babies are always in my and our hearts. It’s a wining combo for any age – my mom and even my lil brother who is 6 years old. Laughing all the way. Some recent launches? Sure! Arthur Christmas. How adorable is he and all his family? That old man grand Santa…oooh… 

Hope you’ve liked the selection and hope you’ll have nice time watching those ones!

P.S. Stay turned for afternoon post – my favorite Christmas songs. Me likey.



10 thoughts on “Best Christmas Movies

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