If you can tell, there is a Christmas week on my blog – gift ideas, some festive recipes, holiday nail art and there something yet to come. I though that I don’t want to break the blog’s pattern and skip my weekly favorites. It’s kind of a tradition already for me, plus there is some staff I want to share with you.

I’m gonna start with some random bits, well…because I want to.


Wrapping paper from IKEA. How cute and adorable are those gold Santas? I belong to that type of people who prefer wrapping the presents to jus putting them in a festive bag. I get so much pleasure and joy from spending time on picking out paper, ribbons, bows and some other decorating goodies. And have you seen that post from Nouvelle?  I’m in love. Gonna lay back on throwing away those old newspapers.

Body Shop Body Butter. I love Body Shop body butters – they really hydrate the skin, they don’t leave a greasy feeling and they smell divine. My current one is throw-back-summer scent – raspberries. I love using it during colder months since they make me feel summery again, like it’s not snowing outside.

Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer in Cool Sand.  This is a really hyped product in the whole blogging-youtubing community and yes I was caught as well. Firstly I didn’t like it. At all. I found it creases on me, it looked a bit cake-ish and unnatural. May be it was the summer weather to blame and not enough moisturized eye area, I don’t know, but back then it was just waste of money. But now…whole other story. I love it, it covers great, it stays put and doesn’t cake up, it blends easily. Dream product. Who knew?

Music favorite this week. I’ve been obsessed with this song lately (and the band in general actually). I have this song on repeat and actually now I’m listening to it, while typing out this post. Ready? Del AmitriRoll to me…The right time to roll to me…Roll to me…

Back to beauty staff? Sure. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H in Ultra Violet. Saying I’m a newby to wing eyeliner is an exaggeration. I’m the worst. Neither I’m used to wear it (I feel felt uncomfortable) nor I’m good at drawing. But this week I’ve rocked this look – and it does suit me. The secret? I’m using a purple one and far less harsh than a black one and suits my eyes. Apparently gonna stock up on some more gel eyeliners…oopsy.

Do you have some favorites to share with me? Hope you do!



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