5 things to do today

Sometimes my day is just splitting apart, seems like I’m just wasting a time – there is nothing to do in particularly or even if there are some dead lines, I’m just procrastinating. In those moments I’m just waiting for someone to shake me up. And make me get on a route. Have you ever been through those days?

Today I thought I would make up a little list to do if you want to spend a day effectively. Those are not just beneficial for life but also kind of treats to yourself.


  1. facemask – is there a better way to start a day? Fresh day – fresh skin. Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5 Masque. This gel-textured mask is easy to apply and doesn’t show up on the skin and really does the job. I feel it brings the moisture back and smoothes the skin surface. 
  2. Instagram printouts. When I had tape camera I used to print photos pretty regularly, but now… The photos are all over the place – flash cards, USB ones, computer – intangible staff, damn… Since the Instagram popped-up things got even worse – in terms of printing of course, not those cool filters. One day I said myself that this curse should be broken and here you have it – Instagram print out. So one of the things to do today is either order Instagram print outs or just go out and print some of you old photos. It’s incomparable – looking at real photos or just scrolling down through them on computer or phone.
  3. red lipstick. You haven’t got one – go out and buy. If you have one – wear it today. Consider it is a challenge for today. Why not? Make yourself feel special, that is exactly more bold lip make you fill – more confident, more festive, more special. Cheer yourself up!
  4. clean brushes. This should be done at some point, right? So why not today? If you really want to skip it that day think about those bacterias gathered there to you may think pleasantly – the method I prefer – recall that feeling of new clean brush on your skin while applying either eyeshadow or blending the foundation. So easy, so smooth, so perfect. I’m sure now you willing to do it. Good luck there ;)
  5. new textures. If you are a nail polish person, I hope so, they just go ahead and try something new to you – nail wraps or liquid sand polishes or even glitter if you a cream-kind-of-gerl. Spice your day a bit with some experiments / discoveries and who know may be they’ll become your new loves.

Are there any thing you postpone doing? Pop in the comments below.

Hope you’ll have a productive day! 



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