Kiehl’s on duty.

When it comes to skincare I just cannot restrain myself. There some many interesting concepts, that it makes me wanna try everything. Actually I’m trying to stick mainly to more organic and natural products because Mother Nature has already invented everything for perfect skin and body / health and mood. So why not embrace it?

With face care I love a good moisture and as far as texture / consistency is concerned I prefer something like serums, light concentrates, oils – something light but yet effective. Honestly I can the feeling of cream that sits like a mask on the skin, doesn’t sink, doesn’t seem to do a thing, just sitting and chilling on my face… not good.


One of my loves and my best friends during colder times is Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This is a pretty famous product and very talked about one. I was really excited to try it for a long time – something that smells nice, hydrates skin, packed with essential oils, spreads easily over the skin – sold. What I also like about Kiehl’s is their price range. It’s not super expensive, I would say it’s quite affordable for the quality you are getting. A lot of staff comes in a glass tubes / containers – for me this is a first sign about the quality and company’s attitude towards customers. It just says luxury only with packaging. Okay, back to product.

Before buying it I went to the store to ask for a sample. If there is a possibility to have a sample I always use ittip here! When I first used it I haven’t noticed any deference, to be honest. BUT the difference was noticed when the sample was used up and I skipped it one day.

When I use it I always wake up with fresher and rested face. Seems like I have a glow from within. I also love mixing to with some of my other face oil – even jojoba oil, argan one may be. You can be really creative here. I also like to mix few drops in my night cream if I’m using one. As you can see it’s a pretty multifunctional buddy.

Will I recommend it? Yes. Have I hooked up some of my friends and family members on it? Definitely. Will I repurchase it? Already did.

Have you tried out that staff yet? What are you thoughts on it?



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