The Reds

Is there any better season for red nails then winter? Don’t think so. Being a complete nail polish junkie I love me new bottles which results in a enormous amount and I own reds more then any other shade. So why not show you my favorite ones? I do have some pretty identical shades in different formules, but suppose there is no point in showing 5 similar reds (even I can barely see the difference, though I can justify the every purchase), so there will be a slight mix of shades.



The pure red – Essie in Aperitif – as red as the red can be. Opaque, glossy, dream to work with, wide brush – well, you know the deal with Essie nail polishes and yes, I do have a love relationship with them. My trusty buddies.

The affordable – KIKO #239 – this is a huge thumbs up from me. You get color pay off, chip-free 5 days, comfy brush, sleek tube, vast color & texture selection and did I mention the price? £3.90. Don’t know about you, but I’m head over heels in love.

The burgundyEssie in Bordeaux – I’ve already talked about it, and do you see how good it is that it deserves a separate blog post? Well, check it out yourself here.

The a-little-bit-of-everything – OPI in Malaga Wine. This is the golden middle – not too bright red not too dark. If Both Essie from above would have a baby polish – this is it – something in the middle. Yet sleek and flattering. If I want something more calming and sophisticated and mature (ha-ha) I got for this one. And compliments any outfit.

The luxuryChanel in Dragon #475 – I think every girl should own at least one Chanel nail polish, not matter how crappy the formula is. Next day chips occasionally? Been there! But isn’t it just chic – think bottle with black lid and those CC on top? Fascinating. The color as usual with Chanel polishes – unique. It may sound completely silly but it really differs from other reds. Honestly.

So as you can see I love a good red. It looks cool on the nails, it perfect any outfit and of course catches men’s attention. Trust me on that one, they do pay attention on the nails, so keep them cared!

Do you have a red favorite I should try next?



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