Bye-Bye Dry Hands

It is a well-known fact that the appearance of hands can (and will) reveal the age. And there is nothing you can do to hide it – no concealer, foundation or any other of that jazz is helpful. The consistent care can you do a trick – hands scrubs, hand ‘baths’, paraffin wrapping and heavy moisture.

With the upcoming colds the hand care is more the relevant. Especially for me – the person who forgets to carry gloves whenever going somewhere (and on a long distance of course). Plus my skin is prone to dryness – whenever there is a slight change of weather my hands get super dry.


The cream that helps my skin get back to normal, the one that smoothes and replenishes my hands is … Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. I love this staff. And according to Lily Pebbles, she does too.

Ingredients wise it contains some shea butter, avocado oil, sesame oil, some aloe juice, natural wax from olive oil. It doesn’t leave your hands with tacky or greasy feeling. It sinks into your skin pretty fast without any residue. The texture is relatively rich and heavy, which I prefer. I even use to on my elbows and knees (other drying out areas on my body). I also like that it doesn’t have any specific scent – nothing fruity or flowery, something almost unnoticeable. Again, my preference – meaning I can use it in public place and now one will blame me a.k.a work and school appropriate.

They do mini sizes – that’s why I have a mini tube in every purse and a average one beside my bed, so I’m piling that guy on pretty frequently.

Do you an ultimate savor for your hands? Pop your recommendations below, please!



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