Again this time of the week when I share my favorites with you. I haven’t noticed that week, seriously. The time flies so fast that I’m scared a bit – seems like I’m missing so much, that I there are so many opportunities and I’m not using those chances. But I’m working on that, I’m pushing myself to some action, cause just thinking and planning doesn’t help, it doesn’t give any results.

Wow, this is some deep thoughts on Sunday morning, haha. Back to beauty, shall we?


MAC ‘Frankly Scarlet’ blush. This is probably the scariest blush shade I’ve ever seen yet the most beautiful color on cheeks. You need the tiniest amount and with light-handed application you get nice flush. You know those cheeks after a walk one cold morning and you end up with rosy cheeks? Well this is it.

Kerastase Ultimate Elixir. I’ve already mention this product couple of times already, but it’s worth mentioning it one more time. I use 1-2 pumps on dump hair and my frizzy and hard hair transforms into silky smooth, flowing hair. Even my mom noticed that the one day and asked me what is that I’m using. Isn’t it a sign of quality? For me, defiantly.

Silver cat necklace. This necklace / pendant was gifted to my when I was 15-ish and I still love it and still wear it in my 20s. I find it so adorable and yet feminine – it compliments pretty much any outfit. I also get do many question like where I get it? when can I buy it? etc… I honestly don’t know, if I did I’d share for sure.

A bit of food fav? Yes please. Alpro Almond Milk. I’m sure you all noticed that now people are becoming more and more concerned about their eating habits and try to eat as healthy as then can. Me too. Honestly I gave up eating meat couple of years ago and I’m feeling much better. Now I’m trying to cut down some diary – I found that I cannot stand the scent of regular milk (sorry if some of you love milk) and I’ve noticed Io’m getting little break-outs whenever I drink it. The decision was obvious – give up milk. Now I’m in love with this staffIt sweet, I tastes great, nice with both tea and coffee. Cannot complain.

China Glaze ‘Purr-fect plum’. Such a nice shade, the winter appropriate and flattering. The brush it great, long and thin. With Seche Vite stay chip-less for a goof 4-5 days. It also reminds me of Essie ‘Recessionista’ – in care you are looking for a good cheaper alternative.

Hope you guys are having a good day. I’ll see you tomorrow!



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