Baby Panda

It’s been a while since Panda Trend – socks, printed jumpers, headphones, phone cases… Well you know the drill. I did like that stream, but never picked anything up – nothing trilled me that much. Until now of course.

My new Panda necklace. Found one here and here.


When I saw that necklace I just couldn’t resist. And the price was more than seducing – 10 bucks. I say it’s cheap the the quality and appearance you get. If I didn’t know the price I would never guess.

I’ve already spoke about my favorite necklaces here and I generally believe that they can totally change up the outfit. You may wear plain T-shirt / jeans with bold sparkling necklace and you look far more put-together and dressed-up. You may look like you’ve put a real effort getting ready.

This Panda baby (cannot call it something else, honestly) looks so good over knit sweater or pairing it with sort of slouchy / baggy sweater.

Another great thing about this necklace is color – black’n’white theme. It makes it very versatile – goes with everything!

One more pro? Sure. Sparkling goddess. I has smaller and bigger stones and in the sun – just speechless. It shines sooo bright!

Aaaand the most exciting part – its body is moving. It seems like my baby Panda is alive. Great!

And I’ve already order 2 more necklaces – the bold ones. Taking a little rest from pendants (if I can do it).

Are there any interesting pieces you’ve bought recently? I’d love to see them!



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