Saturday day-in

I do like to go out sometime, but mainly for a chitty-chat with friends and of course not staying I’m late – not a fan. Those clubbing days are far behind – I more prefer a day in with some cup of coffee, good movie, some skincare or beauty staff and perhaps a company to share food and mood.

Today is the inside day. A bit of pampering can never hurt. On today’s menu we have:


For starters – face mask. I love me a good mask. During the week I tend to use something light and easy, not too fussy, but on the weekends – the whole other story. Today’s option is Aesop Parsley Seed Masque. I know I know…Everyone talks about it, but it’s damn good one. Do-it-all mask. The skin feels so refreshed, clean and smooth after. More here.


For main course – a new mani. I miss my pastels during cold times. Cannot help myself. I did some digging through my collection and pulled this buddy out – Essie in Lilacism. Such a warm lilac color. Since I just can’t go plain – I’ve done some triangle nail art several nails with a pure purple. Looks kinda cool.

For dessert there is an actual desert. The pampering isn’t complete with out some food. I love apples. It’s probably my favorite fruit (except exotic ones of course!) – I love any apples as long as they are crunchy. My fav one are Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Fuji. The best. I love them bare sliced / with cinnamon / baked. Today I’ve went for simple. But the recipe for delicious baked ones  is coming soon! Stay tuned for that!

*Oh gosh, I can write the whole post just about apples – sick*


For extras there is a new Allure issue – January 2014! What can be more calming than flipping pages full of beauty junk? So fascinating… And how gorgeous is that eye makeup on the cover. Cannot stop staring at it. 


Hope you guys have a good Saturday!



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