The Topcoats

There are so many top coats out there and since I repaint my nails pretty frequently and go through topcoats pretty quickly. I also excited when I finish a bottle cause I’m excited to try a new one – new brand, new price, the packaging…Isn’t it excited?

No particular order, just those ones I have on rotation at the moment.


Seche Vite Dry Fast  – the most hyped up topcoat and it’s for a reason. it dries your nail very fast – you don’t have to sit for an hour being unable to scratch a nose, go to the toilet (let’s be honest, we all been there), do a ponytail cause the hair is all over the place and the list is countless. This buddy is a savior. It also leaves you nails incredibly glossy – like you have either gels or shellac. Definite thumbs up!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-chip. My favorite affordable one. It does make your nails dry fast (not as Seche Vite unfortunately). It feels ‘frosty’ on the nails – remember that feeling when you drink cold water after a mint gum? Yes, that exact feeling but on your nails, like it has a minty bits in the bottle, do you Sally Hansen? Great option anyway!

INM Out the Door. There is a full selection without one crappy product. Welcome today’s bad boy. I don’t know why people rave about this topcoat. It doesn’t do anything. Even when you think your nails are dry (and the last coat is dry for sure) the whole cake (base coat + 2 coats of nail polish) are completely wet. Even overnight I still have hair lines on the nails or nails pattern. Not good, not good, at all.

OPI Top Coat. I cannot remember when and how this particular bottle landed on my desk. Suppose it was part of the set or gift with purchase. There is nothing particularly bad or good to say about it. It does provide nice shine, no fast drying powers that I’ve noticed, just the average one. Will I finish it? For sure. Will I repurchase it? Probably not.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine. Another loved drugstore staff. It does what it says. Your nails are really really glowy. I love using this one on 2-3 day manicure. It brings things to normal – like I’ve just done my nails. The shine and freshness are back – say goodbye to faded nails!

What is your favorite top coat? Need some option cause those baby bottles are running out.



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