Easy-Peasy oil

I’m back on the roll with another post for you.

As the colds approaching my skin gets drier and drier and lacks of hydration. My elbows and knees are my main concern, even moisturizing them on the regular basis doesn’t cure them completely. But I’m close there…

Recently I’ve dig through my care staff and backups and stumble across my new friend – NUXE Huile Prodigieuse. This was bought back in the summer days in Paris. I don’t know why I even stopped using it.


First of all It’s a multi-purpose oil – hands, hair, body, face. Whatever you wish. I found that it’s working best as a body treatment. It’s light-weighted, well-absobing and smells in-cre-di-ble. There are several sizes it comes in – I have both, of course. The bigger one comes with a pump that makes an application very simple. The mini one is … a.k.a. travel-friendly. There is also a shimmery-festive version which I regret not picking up – that would be so handy right now for Christmas parties.

It can be also used as a makeup remover – like any oil and breaks up the makeup in seconds. On the lazy days or no-makeup days it’s a frequent user and hydrates the face the same time – doesn’t irritate the skin or any other of that harsh business.

As a hair treatment it’s not that effective on my dry hair, but my friend with normal hair loves it, it helps her with protecting the ends while using some hot tools. For me this oil acts more as anti-frizz kind of staff – when blow drying my hair and spreading it thought the hair – mostly concentrating on the ends, of course – it smoothes the whole appearance and make the hair more shiny and healthy looking.

Have you tried this oil so far? What is the purpose you are using it for?



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