Candle ramble

I think a candle theme has never properly popped up on sweetbounty what so ever, and is there a better time for calming cosy scents and relaxing light reflects than winter?


I’ve been to IKEA recently to pick up some late wrapping paper / ribbons / tape and other small bits and came across very cheap candle set – chocolate fudge, vanilla scent and some caramel one. The reason why my description sounds semi-sure is because I threw the box out way too soon.


Anyways. The set was on sale for 4$ … How cool is that? 25H of burning – sold!

Those candle smell incredible, but…only if you sniff them. While they are burning there aren’t giving any smell unfortunately…damn. But they do add a notable comfort to the room and add a decorative touches to overall appearance. And they come in pretty glass jars that I’m going to reuse for some cute storage.

*There are will be a DIY post for sure!

I love candles – I think there make every place very cosy and special, they bring the mood to the area.

I’ve order some expensive ones (Diptyque, you know my love for that brand) from Space NK recently – a set actually –  and now I’m desperately checking my mail box for them to arrive.

You see, I’m a candle person for sure!

Do you love candles and what is your favorite brand?



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