Hello January

Well, this is it – we are officially in 2014. Cannot believe it. Seems like every year is just passing faster and faster. The only thing we can do is to set goals for ourselves and achieve them. This is how it should work. Start with smaller and easier things just to feel that feeling of accomplishment. After you know that feeling, how great it is – then you can make bigger and more significant plans. AND never let anyone feel like you cannot have something you really want.

Okay, enough spiritual thoughts. Moving on to beauty staff and some randoms of course.


Cold time is cream blush time. – Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera.  Cheeks (mine) are getting drier and powder blushes just emphasis it – not good. Those one blend into the skin, they stay put and look very natural.

Gloves – my all time favorite ones. They aren’t particularly cute or unique colored – they are just touch-screen friendly. Perfect for cold months when you don’t want to take your gloves off under any circumstances. Now you can. And they are grey a.k.a. go with any coat color. You don’t draw attention – just pure comfort.

Darker nails. My weakness. The recent addition but already very worn and very loved. Mavala nail polish in Amethyst. Just a gorgeous color – vampy purply sophisticated. And look at this small cute bottle with a metal lid. This is kind of nail polish tube I might finish. Yep.

Candles. I’ve been really naughty and picked this Diptyque candle set from Space NK during the holidays. The all smell incredible, I cannot even pick one. I’m burning Ambre right now – spicey matured scent, with a bit of sweet something. I’m bad at describing scents apparently.

There isn’t a good relaxing evening without a bath. And what can make a bath more pleasant and calming? Right – bath oil. This Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath Oil Collection is just incredible (available here on sale!) – the packaging, the smell and results. I love them. One lid is enough to make your whole apartment smell. And the Relax ones – faves.

It wouldn’t be me without a statement necklace in a post. Zara inspired one, cause I couldn’t get my hands on a real one. But this one is still good. Love it, already wore a cr@p out of it. So interesting and feminine at the same time.

More makeup. I’m back in love with my Urban Decay Naked palette. So many gorgeous shade that compliment each other and my eye color. No matter which you use you’ll look amazing. This is the only UD palette I own and now everyone is going crazy over Naked3 – not a fan. Those pink – not my thing, sorry. I’m loyal to this baby.

A bit of hair staff. We are again reunited with my Phyto 9. Spoke about it here – not gonna ramble more. My hair just need it.


Happy to be back. Feels so nice and fresh.



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