The Plumy baby

It’s been awhile since I’m chasing Mavala nail polishes. Their packaging is just exquisite – very different from other nail polish bottles. The bottle is small so you are more likely to finish one and this metal lid – it sits in the hand so nicely.


Before I haven’t found a shade that I don’t own or something unique and that day came when I can across this one. Mavala nail polish in Amethyst. I’ve already mentioned it slightly in my yesterday’s post. I been wearing this polish for a week and I can’t get enough. It looks very polished and rich. That plum shade really compliments my skin tone and my nails length. I love everything about it.

As for staying power it also does a great job. With all this cooking and cleaning during the festives it stayed put I’d say 4-5 days (and then was repainted).

The brush is good. Not too thick not too thin. Nice one – easy to work with in other words.

Definitely gonna spy some more shades and seems like they recently (well in my country a least) launched some sort of liquid sands or however you wanna call this texture. Yes babies, get ready, mommy wants to adopt more of you.


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