Hair Power

I’ve been meaning to do that post for a while now. I have collected several products I wanted to share with you guys, but just now came to really sit dow and describe every bit. 

If you are keeping up with my blog then you now what condition my hair is in. If you are a new here (welcome and feel yourself like home) then you should know that I have long hair, much on the dryer side and a bit of split ends. So when it comes to hair treatment I’m always choosing something nourishing, hydrating and something that gonna help condition my hair. 


Kerastase Ultimate Elixirhere + on sale! This what has changed my hair noticeably. This is an oil then can be used on dry or damp hair or even as a conditioner on wet. You don’t need much of it – one pump is even enough for my long hair – little goes a long way. 

Pure Almond Oil. I’ve read on the internet that it help with split ends. Well I don’t know about it, but it does help with overall appearance, the hair is less dry and more shiny and healthy. I usually apply it heavily overnight and in the morning just shampooing it out. Works great. 

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment – 25ml mini – here. I bought this one to try out. Everyone seems to like this product and apparently it works miracle. I haven’t noticed that much of a difference but if your hair is normal/dry this will do for you. It sinks good (nothing to say about this) and doesn’t feel greasy feeling or anything on the hair. Great for traveling either. 

Phyto 9 and Goldwell Serum – two product I’ve revved separately in more details. I think there is no point in blabbing more about them than I’ve already did. Just better you follow the links and read everything yourselves.

John Frieda Perfect Ends Sheer Mist. An affordable piece that helps with split ends. It leaves a pleasant effect – the hair does look more put together and smoother and shinier. Nothing bad to say about it really maybe just there are some better products, but for the price it’s a good one. 

Do you have any interesting and helping hair treatments? I’d love to try something new and effective.



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