Another week another favorites. I think with out further do I’ll just jump into products and random staff. 

My Inglot palette was feeling lonely so I’ve decided to get more use out of it. This week’s shade is shimmery brown one – Inglot #423P. Such a nice do-it-all shade. Good all over the lid shade – provides a nice wash of color, appropriate for day’n’night, subtle but yet noticeable shine. 

Since summer is way behind and I’m a fan of alive a.k.a. dewy skin this guy was pretty handy this week. KIKO Glow. I’ve been applying it underneath the foundation to have to glow from beneath. Mission accomplished, my skin looked better and fresher. 

Tyrone Wells. I use Shazam app on a daily basis and this artist appeared several times there so I thought I must of love his songs. They are relaxing / calming / the words are incredible. My favorite ones are ‘Time of Our Lives‘ and ‘This is Beautiful‘.


TV Show? Vampire Dairies. I’ve been hooked on this show a long time ago but then the summer started – no computer, no wifi and all that staff… But this week I got on track back and rewatched the whole 3 seasons. The better is yet to come. 

A bit of makeup at the end. Mascara. Maybelline the Rocket one. I recently bought it and forgot how much I loved it. I just incredible. Make my lashes long an curved and full of volume. Just what I need. 

What was your favorite things this week? Please leave a comment below.



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