5 Nail Art to Try

Nails are my weakness and sometimes I fancy a bit of nail art – easy one, no mass no fuss. I even have a whole folder on my computer with some nail designs I want to try in future. Today I want to share some most interesting one I came across so far.

The Pshiiit blog. Oh my… Paradise for nail obsessed people a.k.a. me. Brilliant swatches, easy tutorials – I’m hooked in other words. There are some many I want to try but for this post I’ve chose this – simple white + color blocking. How cool is that? Pretty much.

photo 1

OneNailToRuleThemAll – more creative designs. How cute are those flowers? And those gold beads? I can’t help myself – I have to recreate that.

photo 2


U_NONA. Random find on Instagram but such a lucky one. Not just an inspiration but an instruction in the same package. Bonus!

photo 3

WahNails. Designs impossible to recreate but incredible pleasure to look at. This is a bit of cheating with recreation but I promise whenever I’m in London I’m gonna do my nails there. It’s a must.

photo 4

Cutepolish– Youtube videos I love to watch and that design just blew my mind. Those colors and the way she makes every design look so easy… Again, the recreation should be done.

photo 5

Do you have any back-up ideas on trying later? Pop some links below if you have. I’d love to add more.



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