The Base Coats

And I’m back…

Thanks to quick and relatively chip service and my MacBook is finally alive. That means that I can blog again. I’ve noticed that I really missed blogging and that whole process of writing a post, taking pictures, organizing every bit. Okay, let’s move on to contents, shall we?


I’ve already made a post about the top coats I have on rotation at the moment (it’s here in case you’ve missed it) and since that post was a popular one I pulled out my base coats… This is what I end up with…

I don’t have that many base coats just because in order to get it you have to feel it… and you cannot understand if you like a base coat until you use it enough and I don’t like when my beauty bits are collecting dust.


OPI Nail Envy Original – available here – £15.80. This is a very hyped up staff in beauty community so I just couldn’t resist buying it and see for my self its miracle work. Actually this is my second bottle, I’ve used one up already (some shipping issues) but this is a good base coat – no nail staining, the nail polish lasts pretty decent amount of time – no complains what so ever. As for treatment it actually did okay. It made my nails hard, seems like they split less but I’m not wowed. Others raved so much, but me… I’d say it is overpriced for its benefits.

Essie First Base – available here – £8.26. This is a slightly recent addition to my collection but so far so good. It seems to be working especially great with Essie colors – 5 days with no chips. It dries quickly and seems to be acting like a sticker – me likey. It adheres the nail polish and makes them stay chip-free for longer. And it’s cheeper, but no additional treatments and I don’t care as I get what I want.

Renunail Nail Strengthener – available here – £17.85. This is more of a treatment than just an ordinary base coat. It suppose to harden your nails, renew them, help them grow, eliminate flacking / chipping / breaking and all those things. Sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it? I had to give it a go. You have you use it though very consistently – a coat per day for 2 weeks. I couldn’t do it 2 weeks, but I did a week. I think…I’m afraid to tell out loud, but…I think it works. I’m planning on coding a 2-week-course, so I’ll updated you on that.

And the base coats I’m eyeing after I finish one of the above: CND Stickey Base – Kate makes me wanna buy e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and now I’m determined. I NEED THIS in my life. ASAP.

What are your favorites base coats or the ones you use now?



4 thoughts on “The Base Coats

  1. Right now I’m using a really cheap one by Manhattan. It does its job. I figured if I want my polish to last longer, it depends on whether I use my top coat or not :)

    • Yes, you do have a point :) Actually the purpose of the base coat is prevent staining your nail, So if you have one that works – it’s great! Thanks for stopping by:)

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