Diptyque #2

It’a been a while since I got my Diptyque set and I’ve already review my first choice Figuier here. It’s time for a second candle out of the Diptyque set – Ambre candle. Those ones are completely different. As I’ve already mentioned Figuier is fresh. Though Ambre one is quite scented – it’s rich, it’s spicy, it’s sophisticated. Ambergris, wood…


I would say it’s suitable for men taste more than all those floral sweet ones. My dad noticed immediately that something interesting is burning (I’m quoting).

For me this scent is more relaxing and calming. I love burning it while working on a computer / doing some blogging / editing – it ease all the process.


I actually gave them all a little burn and picking one favorite one is tough. They are all different and beautiful. seems like each one has its own purpose and exact day time to burn it. The whole candle science, I’m telling you.

Have you tried some Diptyque candles? Which one is you favorite?



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