Running-late Makeup

We all have those days when we either running late or we had to get up early and didn’t want to spend 30mins to get ready. This is when my staple products came very very handy. Only 5 products. Like a 5 product face challenge. Well… I’ve passed that one.


FACE: when it comes to those days I want a foundation that will cover all imperfections, even the skin tone and cover the dark circles enough not to use concealer. Soluction? MAC Face&Body in C2. I love this one and this is my 1st serious foundation I’ve bought. Apply it my hands (another benefit for those days, right?), dab extra amount where necessary. Full rambling about it here (and other my face bases). Contouring / highlighting / blushing? Clarins Face and Blush palette. All in one – bronzer / blusher / bag friendly compact. I’m so glad I’ve picked this one, sorry guys, limited edition one. But Clarins comes out every season with something similar like this, no worries.

EYES: I think that brows are crucial part of makeup – they form the face, make you look more put together and seems like you spent more time and effort on getting ready that you actually did. Wins everywhere. My easy tool is Bobby Brown Brow Natural Brow Shaper. Tinted gel locks brows in place for the whole day. Easy-peasy. Eyeshadow? Another easy-peasy bit – Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. One sweep all over the lid and your are done. You can layer it for more intense look and sheer out just to sparkling veil. Mascara choice is obvious – Maybelline the Rocket one. This is one of my favorite ones – long / curled / voluminous lashes. One coat you are good to go.

This is literally takes 5 minutes to pile on and you are left with pretty face that looks sophisticated, finished and sparkly. Just what we are going for. And no tools required, how cool is that?

What are your savers during mornings in a rush?





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