TWM: Reading Bits

TravelWithMe series are continuing with another post … yay!

I love reading, you can probably tell that, since on my front page I have a Goodreads Widget, that I constantly update you can see what I currently read. So whenever I go somewhere I make sure I bring something to entertain me during flights or long-term train / bus journeys.

Side-note: I don’t read in the car – it makes me feel sick in a second, even reading a small email or trying to reply on them can harm me.


I usually pack something light – magazine and something more serious – the actual book. I’ve been book shopping recently so I have few options now and I haven’t decided so far. Seems like I going the grab one just before rushing through the door. Blindly. Not to offend the others.

The magazine choice is very obvious – Allure magazine. Probably by the time I leave I’ll get the newer addition, but for now I OK with that one – still some articles to dig in and some wish lists to expand.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky – seems like everyone has already read it, re-read it and fall massively in love. Apparently it’s my turn now. Have read a word yet, but I can write a post about it if someone is interested on it, whether I like it or not, may be include some of my favorite quotes. Pop your thoughts in the comment section below, please.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – another raving about book. The great review and the cover (just look at it? Those stars, seems like they are sparkling…) sold the book to me. I just couldn’t pass it when I saw it in the store. I was so tempted to start reading it in the underground but decided to save it till holidays.


What are reading at the moment? Have you read one of my picks? Let me know in the down bar!



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