Hello February

Well, January is already behind and we are bravely moving towards spring. Right? It also means it’s time for ‘Hello …’ post – one of my most favorite ones to plan, picture and write about.



I’m trying to use more my Inglot palette – man… it’s a gorgeous one! Tell me in the comments below if you want to see some swatches.

Time for pinks – Essie in Cute as a Button and bubblegum pink – OPI in Mod about You.

Hightlighting? Sure! The best one I have (and will ever have) theBalm Mary-Loumanizer Luminizer. So smooth and buttery….Pure joy to use.

Parfume wise? DG ‘The One Rose’. The floweriest perfume I can use. Fresh and sweet for a change.

Skincare? Kiehl’s Cucumber Toner. New one, I have to test it further to give some credit. But bottle is huge, that’s for sure. Elemental Herbology Pure&Smooth Cleansing Balm. I like it. Feels a bit like a scrub and sooo damn thick. Though I prefer my Emma Hardie one – this is one is still good to have.

Some sunnies? Ray Ban aviators. My most loved and cherished pair of sunglasses. Goes with everything and make me cool. Who doesn’t want that?

Body Shop Hand Cream. With a gingerbread man. I’m in love. Nice, hydrating cream, travel-friendly packaging, absorbs fast.  No complains.

What are you February essentials?





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