Andorra Sadness

And I’m back. 

Today I don’t wanna talk about makeup or skincare or any other of that jazz. Today’s post is more of a blabbing ones. 

Have you ever felt lack of motivation and any will of doing something? This is how I feel now. I think partly my trip is to be blamed. I had so much fun and spent incredible 12 days in Andorra… and now I miss it – the people, the atmosphere, the snow, the mountains, the fresh air, the pub drinks. As you can see I miss a lot from that trip. 

So now I’m trying to get back on track and not just with the blog. In general. Seems like I felt apart a bit. 

I need to get myself occupied.


P.S. I did a bit of shopping there so a haul post is coming soon. Don’t worry :)



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