Recent Loves

Taking into consideration my long absence I think it’s inevitable to talk about things I’ve been loving lately and I’m not just talking about beauty. Shall we start?

Recent Loves

  • Gonna start with the recent love. But I’m obsessed, literally. The blog, the voice, the instagram. Lipstickwithsomesunshine … know what I’m talking about? I love the way Tamira talks about products, I admire you selection of products and her videos – dreamy. Her last video – the Lip Product Addict Tag – I just couldn’t help myself staring at her nails, that grey-ish blue-ish Dior nail polish … I need that in my life.
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (oil free version). I’ve always been a fan of light-weight bases, but now with +25C temperature weather it’s just a must. That’s when a good trusty TM comes really handy. Good coverage, buildable, applies wonderfully wither with a brush or using hands, sleek packaging. I’m wearing a shade Bisque, which is now OK, but with a tan will come a new tube I suppose.
  • Nars Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. Even though I have dry-ish skin, my eye leads are pretty oily. And being a huge eyeshadow wearer, this is just a must for me, especially in the summer. This staff is just awesome. Your eyeshadows will stay in place as long as you need them to. The eyeshadows will look more vibrant, they won’t budge and you need just the tiniest bit, so it’s an investment. Highly recommend.
  • Can I have a moment and talk about shoes? My New Balance sneakers. My beloved 373. I love them – thy goes with anything – shorts, jeans, even some skirts and dresses. I went for quite natural shade – blue. I won’t interfere with colorful clothes and may compliment other shades. And we all wear denim, right?
  • Book time? Of course. DIVERGENT. I’m converted. I’ve devoured both books in two days and now I’m on my third one. It’s adventurous, it’s tense and it’s addicting. The movie. YES! The book is better, but for Theo James I can forgive them everything. For sure they had to fit in the movie a LOT, they did great. Straight after the movie I’ve downloaded the soundtracks – they are actually VERY GOOD for working out. *hint hint*

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little catching-up list. And I’ve REALLY enjoyed being back and typing out that post. Good to be back.



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