The Non-Summer Nailpolish

When it comes to summer we tend to brush-off the dust from our bright / eons / pastels nail bottles. Typically I’m one of those girls. But after watching Tamira’s Lip Addict tag, I’ve mentioned that I was all over her nail color, right? It’s a Dior Junon. Right there I knew I want to try those new Dior gels, but there are not out here yet, so I had to find my way out. As usual Essie had my back.


I did a little shopping-my-stash routine and found untouched Essie Maximillian Strasse Her. It was part of Spring’13 collection and available here for £7.59. It’s not an exact dupe, no! But it’s that shade family. Is-it-grey-is-it-blue-is-it-asphalt color. It is stunning. It’s sophisticated. It’s expensive. It’s eye catching.


It isn’t you ordinary summer shade, but it still looks appropriate.  I got so many compliments wearing it. So now I think it will become a closer friend of mine.

As usually Essie wears great on me – 5 days with out chipping. When I’m repainting my nails it’s because I get bored with colors easily, but not with this one.

Have you tried that shade? Tell me about your current go-to nail color.




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