My Morning

Mornings are my favorite. I always get up early and never understood people who lie in bed doing nothing. I find mornings the most productive time – I’m full of energy, I can have my morning cup of coffee and can treat myself with some healthy sweet snacks. Can it become any better?


Usually I get up at around 8 a.m. and start my day with a glass of water (sometimes I add a bit of lemon juice). I developed this habit over the years – it’s beneficial for you body, it fires your metabolism, it provides fuel for your brains and helps you body to get rid of toxins. So while I take a shower this water has plenty of time to absorb into my body system.

After the shower and teeth brushing I follow up with my current skincare routine – it pretty simple, doesn’t take long time. Cleanser (yes, I do cleanse in the morning with regular cleanser) – toner – eye cream – serum – moisturizer. Pretty simple.

Now for the fun part – breakfast. The best meal for me. I never skip breakfast – another habit I’ve tried to develop. And my advice for you as well: if you don’t have breakfast – do, if you do have it – gimme five, bro! I start with coffee – I know not the best choice, but I love coffee – the smell, the taste, cannot help myself. For actual meal I go for either yogurt with fruits or oatmeals with fruits again or sometimes just a huge bowl of fruits. As you can see I love fruits.

Another crucial part of my morning is emails&bloglovin. I check my email, respond to urgent ones and try to read a couple of my favorite blog on Bloglovin. Thus I get a bit of inspiration, positive emotions, helpful advices and just a pleasure of ‘reading’ lovely and interesting people.

Do you like early mornings?



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