Rings Rings Rings

Jewelry collecting madness – we all have been there and I actually enjoy this journey. I used to be obsessed with necklace, dainty, statement ones. You can judge the obsession level by looking at this blog post. Now I’m at the other stage of that journey – rings.


I know everybody is going crazy about midi rings now, I’m not there (yet?) or bevel will – cannot get on with this trend. Bu the original ones – yes, this is where I get crazy.

I wouldn’t say I particularly picky about the brand or something, but I do look for a good quality ones, those that won’t stain my fingers, or want lose rhinestones after one wear. But at the same time I don’t what to spend a fortune on a ring, especially if it’s ‘fashion piece’ and might run out of style pretty soon.


Starting with the most interesting and unique for me – Shvay Jewels. The ‘shop’ I’ve found on Instagram’s expanses. Handmade, rare stones, unusual designs. Definitely the eye-catchers. Trust me. Mine is made of silver with variscite and it reminds me of universe and if you are pretty careful you may notice that the bubble have a heart shaped mark. Isn’t nature the best creator?

Next – Pandora stack. I love the Pandora – their bracelets and charms (mentioned here) and now rings – the more the better.


Pandora Silver White Enamel Daisy Flower Ring – £40.00 – available here. My newest edition. Though it may seem to be too girly and sweet it actually looks sophisticated enough either stacked with others or on its own& Paired with the right outfit will add that something somethingPandora Siver Beaded January Garnet Birthstome Ring – £40.00 – available here. This was a birthday present from my family. Even being born in March they’ve decided this is more suitable for me. And they were right. It’s look incredible reflecting in the sun, it glows from within. Pandora Silver Full Eternity Black Zirconia Ring – £115.00 – available here. Another Bday present. this one add a monochrome stroke to the stash. When worn on its own it looks sleek and more mature (..?).

Gold Diamond and Sapphire Panther Ring – this is actually my mom’s ring, but she passed it to me on my 16th Bday I think. Back then it was such a popular trend – animal rings – and now I feel it becomes more appropriate and I’ve start to wear it on a daily basis. I get so many compliments and question when wearing it. Couldn’t find the exact one, but here and here some similar ones.


Are you fond of rings? If yes, then what is your favorite place to shop?



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