HOW TO: being organized

Sometimes it’s hard to be productive – we’ve all been there when you either don’t know where to start or how to make the most out of your day. Luckily I was taught since childhood how important to be organized and not to waste your treasured time since you can never get it back. Growing up I’ve accumulated several golden rules that help me survive. Today I’ve decided to help those you struggle with that problem or those you want just to learn something new – you are all welcomed.


  1. Keep track of everything you need to do and the deadlines. Thus you can plan when the certain thing needs to be done and can easily prioritize you tasks – something is more urgent and some things can wait for a next week or so
  2. Diary. Keep notes of every appointment, every meeting, every important date (either exam, either birthday or simply important assignment)
  3. Wear watch. Just to be aware of the time spent, the time left and so on
  4. Give yourself a rest. If you feel you aren’t doing your best try have a 10-15 minute break – we aren’t robots, we are human beings and we can get tired, it’s a normal thing. Go grab a healthy snack or listen a couple of you fav songs, read several pages of the book you’re currently enjoying or simply watch a YouTube video, but don’t get TOO distracted
  5. Keep you working place clean. My mind is always lost whether my desk is cluttered. I don’t even have a desire to sit their and do staff – even pleasant one. Mind refuses to work. Try to leave there only useful and needed things, put away all the cr*p
  6. Fresh air. If you can work outside. If don’t (like the majority of people) provide yourself with fresh air. In the summer I have a window 24/7 open and during colder time I make sure that during my break (#3) I let some fresh air in at least for 10 min
  7. Prepare outfits and bag essential ahead. This might seem weird, but trust me it’s equally important. We are noticing how much time we spend in the mornings picking out what to wear and what to pack out bags with – this or that lipstick, where are those socks, do I need a laptop today, where is my charger, amply pack of tissues…what,  where are those socks, this tee is dirty, I need a fresh one… I’m sure one of those question popped out your mouth sometimes. Am I right?

Hope those recommendation will help you and if you have something to share – please do, I’ll really appreciate that.

P.S. I always keep a hand cream near me, why not moisturize you hands, do you agree?



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