Zoya Takeover

Nail polishes are my obsession – it’s not a secret and I have proof – look in my instagram here. I think this is the best way to spice up any outfit and improve bad mood – just paint your nails with your favorite nail polish either it’s a bright coral or edgy black.

Quite recently I’ve discovered a new brand for me and I’ve become obsessed with it – it’s such a nice quality, the packaging is vey sophisticated and they are big 5 free. Okay one step at a time…

Which brand I’m talking about? Zoya. Back in October I’ve tried my first Zoya nail polish – I’m talking about this post – and the love started. Over the months I’ve accumulated few new shades and a cult nail polish remover.


Let’s start with nudes – Zoya in Jacqueline – milky yellowish nail polish. And it’s apparently dupe for OPI in My Vampire is Buff – the one that was released with Euro Collection. It looks incredibly flattering on the nails, especially with a tan. It doesn’t make you hands look either manikin or dead – a bonus for pale shade, right?

Another nude-ish is shade Kennedy – pale pink nude brown dustyshade – wow, isn’t it the best shade description … ever? – what I like to call this color is sophisticated pink. I like to have it on y toes, it gives a nice color and yet appropriate for any shoe color. You nails look polished, taken care of and when the polish starts to chip (after a good 5-6 days, btw) it won’t be so noticeable.

Purple is my favorite color so I just couldn’t pass on that one – purple with gold shimmer, it look so interesting an cool on the nails, in some light it looks just purple and in the sun it just sparkles and I’m talking about shade Tru.

And the brightest shade is Charisma – the neonest fuchsia shade I’ve ever seen. It does dry matte, like another neon polishes do, but another than that the application is smooth, two coats and you are done – no strikes, no lighter patches, nothing, just a pleasure to work with. 

As for that mysterious big5free thing – that means that the nail polishes are free from certain chemicals and toxins as Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor which is more beneficial not just for your nails, but whole body. Think about it – even when you’re panting your nails you get to inhale some of that cr*p… Something to consider here.


As for nail polish remover I first spotted it on Anna’s blog here (everything she recommends I want to buy immediately, my poor wallet…) and it claims to be 3 in 1 product – polish remover, nail cleaner and nail prep. It’s very gentle but yet effective – it copes with metallics, glitters, neons – everything. It’s not stripping or drying at all and at the same time prepares your nails for polish by making it adhere better a.k.a. last longer. BUT the coolest thing about this remover is the pump. Isn’t it cool? It dispenses the right amount of liquid, you aren’t afraid you pour too much and ruin your working place and if you messed up one nail you get a change to fix it not messing the rest. Isn’t it dreamy?

Have you tried any of Zoya products? If you have some favorite shades, please do share. 



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