Summer Duo

I’ve been experimenting a lot with bases recently and started to notice some difference in my skin (and unfortunately towards worse condition), so had to stop piling on all that staff. 

There was three hyped up but disappointing for me contestants… Should I do a separate post on that – something like ‘foundations I regret buying’? Let me know in the comment section below.

But today’s post is all about base combo that rocks.


 I’ve always been a fan of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer  – available here for £33.50 (oil free version in the shade ‘Bisque‘) – it has a wonderful coverage, for a tinted moisturizer, the shade selection is pretty wide, that glossy brown sleek packaging, it doesn’t dry out my skin and it has decent amount of SPF for summer – nothing to complain about. Just a little – on me it tends to wear off slightly and my Rudolf get exposed. This is when second buddy joins the party. Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer – available here for £8.99 *sale alert* –  oldy but goodie. This is a good old rounder – it gives a smoother canvas for foundation, it glides over pores to make their appearance less noticeable, it prolongates your foundation wear. For me it does make my tinted moisturizer stay on longer, even on my red nose.

So if you are looking for either new primer or tinted moisturizer I highly highly recommend you check out those products. One is drugstore, one is high-end and with both you get what you’ve paid for.

What is your favorite primer? Is there anything I’m missing out there? Let’s share. 



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