Orange Is The New Black

All orange-lovers out there, our time has come – seems like orange is coming back. I’ve started to notice orange popping up here and there – clothes, makeup, bags, nails…фSo went through my collection and apparently I’m all set for this season – no need to spend extra money – yay.

So, nails… today’s selection is shade and brand varied – from pale to dark, from very cheap to higher priced.


The true orangeOPI in Atomic Orange. The most typical orange color – tangerine one. It looks pretty simple in the bottle, but once you put it on you see the trick. Every time I force myself to paint my nails with it, but I never regret at the end. Opaque, incredibly flattering, relatively fast drying, long wearing-ish (4-5 days).

The pastel peachKIKO nail lacquer #359. I’ve mention this one already in my ‘Hello June’ post but I cannot pass on that one when it comes to orange shades. It’s a perfect pastel pale peach – no hint of pink, no hint of yellow, just perfection. Looks incredible on both pale and tan skin.

The coralEssie from Resort 2013 Collection in Come here! May be not the most appropriate orange but my heart screams to feather it and my camera begs me to take picture of it. I have a mini bottle (from their mini cube) and actually this Resort collection was one of the best so far. This is a good all rounder coral – a hint of neon so very eye catching.

The brightestEssence Colour&Go in #145 Flashy Pumpkin – the most bright and out there color of the bunch. It literally screams. As for the color it’s as a name suggests warm pumpkin shade. And it’s very very affordable.

The red-ishRimmel Salon Pro in Hip Hop – is it red? is it orange? Hybrid. The beautiful Anna first wore it on the nails and it look incredible. And every time in the video when she wore it, it made me repaint me nails with it – even now typing out this post I’m honestly wearing that polish. It dries very glossy and very fast. And the name… HipHop.


Here on that picture you can clearly see the shade difference. What is your favorite orange/coral nail shade?




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