REVIEW: Daniel Sandler’s ‘Cherub’

Blushes… We saw powders, we saw creams, but liquids…? Seems a little strange, doesn’t it? But here me out on that since I know what I’m talking about and Daniel Sandler knows what he is doing.


Watercolor Fluid Blusher by above mentioned Daniel Sandler – available here – £14.50 – I have the shade ‘Cherub’ which seems to be quite popular. Actually this is the reason why I went for ‘safe’ option – I saw it on people, I saw tones of swatches and I’ve decided – I can pull it off as well.

The ‘Cherub’ is pinky shimmery shade that gives such a youthful flush, just glow from within. Once it applied and blended out it won’t budge. Works as those lip stains – if it’s on it’s on, long-lasting waterproof formula. And… It’s very very pigmented – you literally need on drop per cheek. I usually apply it with my Stippling Brush by Real Techinques, though there is a special Daniel Sandler’s brush for those watercolors a.k.a. Waterblush – as seen here


Overall the product is great. So great that I’m planing on extending my collection and the next on my wish list is Trip – hot tangerine color. 

Have you tried those blushes? What are you thoughts on them?



2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Daniel Sandler’s ‘Cherub’

    • You’d love them, I promise you – I have a dry skin and the formula doesn’t bother me, so if you have oily – this is just perfect! Oh, thank you so much, this means a world to me! xxx

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