If You Don’t Have …

Getting read in the morning – especially early mornings – can be hard. You are half sleepy and half hungry and yet you have to pack you iPhone charger, pen, money, gum, makeup and etc. And it’s possible you forget something – if you have a have a long busy day – it’s a problem. Today I’d like to help you with the forgotten makeup part.

 So If You Don’t Have …


an eyeshadow – use a lipstick. And no, I’m not talking about those bright oranges or fuchsias. You can easily replace an eyeshadow with a long-lasting lipstick. Just pick some taupe-ish, bronze-ish shades – either matte or shimmery – both will do. And you don’t need a brush, it’s it a bonus? Applied straight from the bullet, smudges with a finger and you are good to go.

a blush – again use a lipstick. And here you can go with any color – coral, orange, pink, even nude one, why not? If you have a crazy smokey eye going on this is actually what will look more flattering and subtle enough. In order not to go overboard, take a little bit on the your finger, take off the excess on the back of you hand and after that tap it gently and lightly on your cheeks. Take you time – it’s better to layer a product for intensity than trying to get it off.

a lipgloss – use either light cream eyeshadow or a cream highlighter. You can apply it over the lipstick for a little sheen or on the bare lips for more natural look. The shade palette is pretty wide – whites, pinks, barely there browns, nudes, depending on what you are going for.

a sculpting product – darker foundation. This is more of a at home based trick, but still. We all have either mismatched foundations or ‘summer’ foundation, so grab those, apply them under the cheekbone and blend it upwards wither with your fingers or with a brush depending on you preference.

time – pretty frequent. Apply you base – foundation/tinted moisturizer – on the forehead, nose and chin and blend it outwards to avoid any harsh lines. For lips just effortlessly tap a bit of your favorite lipstick in Alexa Chung style and you are good to go.

Hope that was interesting for you and you learnt something new for you. Cause I’m certainly starting to incorporate some of those techniques into my ordinary makeup routine.

Which is your favorite ‘substitution’ mentioned? I’d be glad to hear them!




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