Silver Sun by MAC

When I first saw risers for MAC’s Summer 2014 Collection – Alluring Aquatic I was blown away. Just how gorgeous is the packaging… It’s worth picking something up just for the sake of those compacts. I knew I don’t need anything in particular, but being an eyeshadow lover I knew where to start. 

At first I wanted to buy the shade Lorelei, but swatching them with All That Glitters side to side in the store I’ve noticed they are quite similar, so I went for something more interesting and unique – a.k.a Silver Sun – available here (hopefully) – £16.50.


All eyeshadows in the collection are extra-dimension ones, so they are softer and very buttery. The color in incredible – it’s mossy green, it’s grey, it’s teal, it’s turquoise – a bit of everything. I did played around with it already and it looks equally beautiful as full on smokey eye – with MAC ‘Club’ – and with simple one-coat-mascara-&-sculpted-face makeup. 


Here I’ve swatted it with a primer and with no primer – the former has slightly more pay-off, but nothing too dramatic. 


Would I recommend this shade? Definitely – if you can still get your hands on that – I highly suggest doing that. I know it’s been out for a while, but maybe you are lucky enough to grab it. 

Have you picked anything from Alluring Aquatic collection? Tell me in the comments below!




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