REVIEW: Jouer ‘Sunswept’

My dear ladies, the summer has landed and it’s time to dig out our bronzers! I won’t say I have a huge amount of bronzer but definitely a fan of those.


Today I want to talk about my recent addition – Mattifying Powder Bronzer in Sunswept by Jouer – available here. Jouer came from nowhere for me and the brand stole my heart – the packaging is sleek and compact, the range is wide as well, plus you can build up you own palette by stacking or sliding blushes, bronzers, powders, eyeshadows and even lip glosses (which seems to be phenomenal as well). 

It has more warmer tone, so it’s more of a bronzer than a contour shade, BUT with that being said I found that it’s possibly to get away with both. It gives you that glowy and fresh look and at the same time does structure those cheekbones. It’s very pigmented but very blendable. I’ve also found it to be pretty long-lasting and waterproof-ish. And it has a mirror – always nice, isn’t it?


For applying it I tend to grab my either Real Techniques Blush brush (here) or Duo-Fibre Face brush (here). They both give me control over application intensity – the blush brush is pointed, so you pick a small amount onto the tip and blend it. And with duo-fibre you again pick up small amount on longer bristles and blend with shorter ones. Few swipes – under the cheekbones, temples, hairline, jaw line and down the neck – and you are back from long beach vacations. And I promise – it doesn’t look orange!

Have you tried some products from Jouer? Do you have any favorites?