It’s been a while since my last WEEK HEROES, so here is a fresh one for you. It’s kind of collective loves and wants – from books to nails, from video to beauty cravings. wk19

Must-see: Anna and Lily posted new Beauty Chat video – full of hilarious and interesting questions, funny and useful answers, packed with jokes and laugh that made me laugh – so catching. I love those beauty chats, they are cozier and warmer then the usual ones, like you are talking to a friend. They reveal more personality and more real emotions, if I can say so, then their ordinary videos!

Must-buy: Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita quad – availablehere. Let’s just have a moment to appreciate this baby! I’ve heard so much about those quads – they are very buttery, smooth, blendable, pigmented – the best quality you just expect from an eyeshadow. And the shades… this brick burgundy shade and the pop gold glitter… OMG. It’s damn pricey, but i think it’s worth every penny.

Must-read: The Ruby Red Trilogy by Kerstin Gier. Those series are about teenage boy and girl that can travel through time. They have a certain mission to complete but the normal life with love, school, jealousy, homework, family scandals doesn’t go away – they just have to deal with both. I read book after book and even it’s more of a teen book I still enjoyed reading it – it’s one of those easy reads with jokes, awkward situations and some sad moments.

Must-wear: I know it’s summer and black shade doesn’t scream very sunny and bright. But I was rocking Essie in Licorice the whole week and actually was sad to remove it – it looks very sleek and polished on the nails, very sophisticated. I instantly make your hands more delicate and eye-catching. I don’t know how to describe it but if you never tried black on your nails – you definitely should! You won’t regret, I promise!

Must-have: It first I was a but skeptical about those relatively new Clinique Chubby Stick For Eyes – there are so many of those on the market, I was very very happy with my KIKO eyeshadow sticks so I thought I won’t even bother. But when I so the shades, the especially that purple-ish grey-ish shade a.k.a Lavish Lilac I began dreaming about it. When swatches on the store I knew right away I need this – they are very creamy and blend able, but once the set they set. They won’t budge.at.all. And this shade looks very flattering on the eye – who knew…

What do you think about above mentioned things? Have your tried something of that? What were you stand outs for last weeks?