Nail Product Addict Tag

When I saw ASimpleMix video about nail polish addiction, I knew this is the one for me! And a complete nail polish junkie and I cannot stop buying more and more!


So let’s look into the questions…?

  1. Favorite Nail Treatment Product? For treatments I prefer oils – either my homemade one, or pure shea butter or argan oil, just something nourish and hydrating for both cuticle and nail beds.
  2. Favorite Luxury Brand? Paying a fortune for a nail polish is not my thing. I cannot justify spending so much money on just a nail polish, but if I love a color very much and it’s something unique and something I don’t yet own that yes, I might splurge. For that I go for Chanel Deborah Lippmann. Their glitters just make me scream – impossible to dupe, pain in the a$$ to remove but worth every single penny.
  3. Favorite Drug Store Brand? This was hard! There are were few competitors on this question – KIKO and Essie. The former is not a drugstore brand but their price is definitely low and appealing. They have tons of color and textures to choose from, the brush is wide enough and lasting power is incredible. The latter is slightly higher on the price but I still love them! The brush is wider that it can cover the nail in one swipe, the color selection is huge and they come up with new collections 4ish times a year and have have very very cute names.
  4. Best Eye-Catching RedEssie in Aperitif. This is the only nail polish I’ve repurchased and it’s a big deal for a nail polish addict, don’t you think?
  5. Most Disappointing Nail Polish / Product? The most disappointing product is INM Out the Door Top Coat – so many people rave about it but I hated it – it drags the nail polish, it shrinks it on the tips of the nails and it doesn’t dry which is bizarre.
  6. BaseCoat – Yes Or No? YES! No matter what I love my base coat. I have tons of them and depending on current condition of my nails I either go for some treatment base and just a regular one, but ALWAYS something. Here’s a post about my fav base coats.
  7. Favorite Top Coat? I’ve been loving Seche Vite for a lot of time, but then I’ve noticed that my nails started to peel and flake, so I went back to my all-time favorite Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-chip (I also have a post about my top coat here)
  8. Favorite Summer ShadeNails Inc Baker Street no doubts. It’s bright, it’s opaque, it’s look incredible with a tan, good on both hands and toes and the formula is very smooth and easy to apply. Swatch here.
  9. Favorite Winter Shade? I love me some burgundy or dark nail polish during the winter. And the winner here is OPI in Every Month is Oktoberfest. It’s a dark blue based purple red shimmery goldy awesomeness. The deep and complicated.
  10. Something Extra. So this category I have 2 products I’d like to mention. There 1st one is INM Matte Top CoatHere I did a little demo, but basically it turns any of your polish matte, so you don’t have to buy a separate matte nail polish in different colors. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I love to rock a matte look. And the second mention goes to my favorite nail file which is Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File – this is the best one I’ve tried so far. It’s gentle but gets the job done and it’s better for you nails to use a crystal file to avoid splits or catches.


I had so much fun picking out products and colors – so I tag everyone to do it :) By the way, I’m really interested in trying some YSL nail polishes, so if you have some color recommendations, please leave them in the comments below!



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