The Love For Lilac

I’m a huge fan of easy makeup – 2in1 products, multi-purpose oils, chubby sticks… you know the deal, right? And recently I’ve been obsessed with eyeshadow sticks – they are so easy to work with – apply from the bullet, smudge with finger and you are done!


The one I want to talk about today is Clinique Chubby Stick shadow tint for eye – available here. The shade I have is 09 Lavish Lilac. First of all – the shade is unique, I don’t have something similar in my collection and I haven’t seen other brands that have similar shade in such an easy stick cream form. It’s a dusty purple-ish taupe-ish shade with a little sparkle (not glitter). Secondly – those are twist up crayons, so you do not need a separate sharpener for those which is very important while traveling and in everyday life as well. Who needs that other annoying step…? Thirdly it’s very long lasting. very. Once you put it on and blend it – it sets. And won’t go anywhere. I’ve tested it during very hot day and it didn’t go anywhere. Though if you have very oily eye lids and everything creases on you – then you might wanna put a primer and any eyeshadow base of your choice.


There are so many shades (16 to be exact) to choose from – usual neutrals, greens, blues, pink… a shade for everyone. I’m definitely picking some more shades (yes Ampel Amber and Big Blue I’m looking at you – the product it amazing and you definitely get the quality you are paying for.

Have you tried any of those shades? Maybe I need even more….!



4 thoughts on “The Love For Lilac

    • great! And though it’s bright (I mean not the usual neutral) it still looks simple, right? Would you recommend it for day2day?) thx for stopping by btw! xxx

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