Hello August

I love August. Though it’s the last month of summer but you still have it – the whole month of sunshine, dresses, beach, sunglasses, cold cocktails and perhaps a vacation. And who won’t enjoy it? This month selection is very self-explanatory: beach essential, a makeup trend, a good old nail art and some randoms per usual. Let’s get nosey?


Let’s start with a trend. One of the makeup trends this summer is purple eyeshadows or liners. And since it’s my favorite color I cannot miss it. The INGLOT eyeshadows are nice ones – pretty affordable, pigment, not quite buttery as Urban Decay ones, yet blend able and come unusually squared. Me likey. And those rainbow square is perfect for traveling cause you have 3 shades in 1. And my beloved Clinique Chubby Stick For Eyes which I’ve raved about in a separate post.

And you cannot survive a month with out extra steps that prolong your makeup – my favorites are NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base – the best eye primer I’ve ever used and always a repurchase for me and MAC Fix+ which is a refreshing mist that makes you look less cakey if you accidentally overdid with powder and also seals every layer of makeup in place and gives you fresh appearance. Bonus.

Orange bag – lately I’ve been obsessed with orange. Everything  has to be orange. And this is my latest addition to the family – Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip bag. I’ve spotted it on sale on Shopbop.com and couldn’t pass by – it’s Rebecca Minkoff (love her), it’s orange, it’s on sale, it’s cross body.


Mirrored sunglasses. I’m a big believer that the sunglasses is something to splurge on or at least not saving on. They have to have good dioptre, good UVA and UVB protection other wise your eyes start to be more sensitive, you may feel a slight burn in the eyes, to squint and it’s not good. But those ones I had to have – blue mirror, white frame… But any good sunglasses with do the job!

Ombre nails. I know it isn’t something new and unique, but I still cannot get over. And that neon one is just perfect for summer and beach time. It look so cool on the nails and once you get used to doing it there is nothing difficult. But I have a little trick – apply a PVA glue around the nail bed to ease the removing process – you just have to pill it off and you are left with minimum nail polish around the nail. yay! And apply a white nail polish as a base to make the neons more vibrant.

Books. I’m a big fan of reading. I’m constantly reading something. Recently I’ve read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. It’s AMAZING. It’s a detective, mystery and triller, all in one. It’s intense, it’s mind-blowing, it’s even scary sometimes. I couldn’t stop reading, I’ve flipped page after page with fear and excitement. I even didn’t wanna finish, cause I didn’t want the book to finish, this is how much I loved this book. Even if you aren’t fond of those kind of book I highly recommend you give it a try.

What are you new discoveries or may be oldies but goodies you plan to give another shot this August?



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