My First Jo Malone

Jo Malone colognes are probably the most recognizable and the most desired (apart from Tom Ford maybe?) selective perfumes out there. They have unusual scents, you can layer them for give extra dimension and to open up different notes in each scent. They also do candles, body lotion, hand creams… So if you have a birthday coming soon – this is a perfect place to splurge either for a family / fries or just for lovely you. Like I did…


When you enter the shop you instantly know – you want to have something from Jo Malone. You understand it’s expensive, but everything just attracts you no matter how hard you try to resist. I’ve tried a bunch of scents, I didn’t know exact;y what I was looking for, I’ve just ask for a assistant to help me out. And if you ever get to buy a JM perfume I beg you to ask for a help. They really know what they are selling. They will find exactly what suits you and something you’ll definitely wear. I’ve ask for something fresh and light, but nothing too fruity and florally – I’m so sick and tired of those scents, for me they are too intense and overwhelming.

When I gave a BlackBerry&Bay – online here –  a sniff I knew this is the one. There was another scent I liked but it was more wintery and spicy one , but I will come back for you later. Back to blackberry. It’s fresh, it’s easy wear but still sophisticated and interesting scent. You won’t instantly recognize the notes, you just keep exhaling it and enjoy. It has some woody herbal background but with light sweetness of blackberry – it’s both feminine and masculine, sweet and spicy – the perfect mix.


I’ve decided to go for a small bottle just for convenience and try-out purpose. I want to carry it around and I’m sure I will use up this bottle and it won’t be collection dust on my vanity. I love the scent for sure. I don’t regret splurging. I think the pleasure and excitement of using it worth every spent penny.

Do you have a Jo Malone perfume? What’s your favorite scent?



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