Banana Boom

I’ve recently realized that I’m obsessed with bananas. I know… sounds crazy / bizarre / strange, but it’s true.


As a food I love to freeze couple of them and then blend them for an ice-cream consistency – add a bit of fresh fruits and berries (something like raspberries or blueberries, chopped strawberries) and a fresh mint. It tastes exactly like ice-cream, the creamy texture, refreshing touch and less calories and  more beneficial for your health. Morning, day and night. Always appropriate during the summer. (Picture credit – classisinternal).

iPhone case. You can never have enough. I like to think about cases as an accessories – you can switch them on a daily basis to create a mood and just to have a little fun. I own tons of cases and this one is on its way to mama. How adorable and edgy it is? I cannot even describe. Cannot wait to put it on.

Skincare. Did you know that bananas packed with Vitamins A, B, E and Potassium. Those nutritions hydrate the skin, prevent aging, fade dark spots, blemishes and discolorations, fight free radicals and the list is countless. The recipe is simple – mashed banana and 1 tbsp of honey. Mix everything together, apply on face and neck, let it dry and then remove with a cloth.

Nails. Being a complete nail polish junkie – have you seen my nail polish addict tag btw here? – well, when I saw this tutorial in pshiiit I fell in love. Interesting, unique, fun, summery, everything…! An it’s easy, practically not tools required… Pink nail polish, yellow, black and a tooth pic (if you don’t have a nail art brush) and patience.

Jewelry…? Yes, you heard me right. I love browsing Esty website and doing some weird search, something like banana gold necklace. I never thought I’d find something I like love. It’s something you don’t see every time, this piece is one of a kind and everyone will definitely ask you where to buy something like this. I’m sure. I’m buying.

What strange things you’ve been obsessed recently? Am I the only weirdo?



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