Hair Care: Beach Edition

Being an owner of drier hair – even I barely use any heat on my hair (and by barely I mean 10 days out of 365) – I always struggle with nourishing my ends and up-shoulder hair. I own more oils and hair cream than lipsticks, yes, this is how I’m obsessed with taking care of my hair.


Now when I’m on holidays trying to get some tan and have a swim I need to be even more caution about my hair. I’ve generated several rules that help me right now and ones they may help you while you are away.

A little side note – I know everyone says how bad sea salt is for your hair, but for me it acts differently in certain way – my split ends disappear, the hair gets thicker and heavier in a good way. Okay, onto the list.


  1. Spending time tanning the sun not only hits the body it also influence on our hair. We put SPF on the body, but our hair stays bare. Spray some protection before you catch the sun or just wear a hat (my option) – Phyto Phytoplage L’originale Protective Sun Oil or Frederic Fekkai Marine Beachcomber Leave-in Conditioner or Clarins multi-use Sun Care Oil Spray SPF 30.
  2. If you feel the salt damages you hair, then rinse it off every time you went for a swim. Use beach showers and you are good.
  3. On holidays I have to shampoo my hair every day which isn’t the best schedule so I use a very gentle shampoo for everyday use – it won’t strip your hair and you basically don’t need it – the hair doesn’t get that dirty everyday.
  4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Even if you don’t have dry hair, a little care won’t hurt for sure. I bit of oil and cream through the ends and you are fine. My favorites are Phyto 9 (here), oldie but goodie Moroccanoil Treatment (mini) and for some shine and glow – John Frieds Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine – quite a name, huh? (here).
  5. Stay away from heat – that’s pretty straight forward but still need to be mentioned. Leave your straightens and curling staff at home – save your hair and space in the suitcase (for shopping).
  6. And last, but not least – Just have fun on holidays. Unfortunately, we do not get them that often.

What are you favorite hair products for summer?




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