New In: Picture Polish

As a come-back post I wanted to bring something new to you – nail polish brand you might not heard about. IMG_0609

I don’t know about you but before going crazy over nail polishes I knew only standard OPI, Essie, Orly and luxury brands, but know I keep on finding some other interesting brands – this time it’s Picture Polish.

First of all the packaging – the lid, handle or whatever you want to call is matte black and rubbery – think NARS packaging here. The brush is something between OPI and Essie – not too wide & not too thin. 2-3 swipes and you are good to go. 

Formula wise – both are opaque in 2 coats, no strikes or bubbles. Easy, evenly, full covering. The formula isn’t thick to extremely watery, but allow to draw the cuticle layer the polish. Nothing bad to say. And… They are big3free and big5free, just a pleasant bonus if you are concerned about that staff. 

Colors. That’s the whole other story… The shades are incredible – they are all so unique, nothing you have ever seen before, colors you never though can be combined, glitter you though you’ll never wear. Nothing is true about those nail polish. You want to buy more and more. And every nail polish you get amaze you with formula, lasting power that you don’t regret spending 10-15$.

The ones I’ve picked up for now are O’hara (seems to be their red best seller) and Imperial – that is just my personal love for purples. Especially that bright. Loooove. New shades on my wish list are: Freya’s Cats, Peacock and Jade.

They can be bought directly from PP website here and look for stock places or if you are from Russia then Lakodom is your best friend.

Hope you give them a go cause they are amazing.

Have you tried already any of their nail polishes?


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