Hello September

Can I start with a standard introduction to fall posts? I cannot believe summer is over and we are starting a new season… Seems like summer flew in seconds and just left tan and photos as a reminder… That makes me sad. 

But it’s better to leave the sadness and let’s embrace the coming fall, shall we?



Since my tan is still fresh and noticeable I intend to enhance it. The makeup helpers for that are highlighter – my favorite one and the one I missed so much on my vacations is theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. It’s opaque, it’s glowy and it’s just gorgeous. I cannot get enough. For swatches head over my highlighting post. Another makeup item I’m planning to get a lot of use of is my new NARS Isolde duo. Shimmery bronzy goldie treasure. That’s my first Nars eyeshadow experience but I’m in love. Full review come later this week. 

Some body care bits:  I cannot see my august-to-septenber transition is body moisturizer. For that purpose I have 2 products – night time and day time version. I know it sounds bizarre. The Body Shop Body Butter one (oooh the raspberry scent…divine) is richer and thicker in texture so it’s a bit of a problem to put on pants after but overnight works incredible. For daytime use I’ve picked up in the duty free the Biotherm anti-drying body milk with citrus essences. And it’s defintaley citrusy – so refreshing and well-absorbing. Let’s talk feet a bit? We all have them and we all have to take care of them – my recent edition and very loved already is Badger Foot Balm with peppermint&tea tree. Hard oil wax based balm with tons of oils that really nourish your feet and smell incredible!

It’s never a SweetBounty post with out a nail polish insert. One isn’t enough so I have 3 options. The best tan shade is white – my favorite one is Essie in Blanc – wide brush, 2 coats boom done. Second option is bright red with orange undertone shade is Deborah Lippmann in Supermodel. It’s a jelly formula (my new obsession) so you either layer in for full coverage (4-5 coats…?) or you apply 2-3 for light coverage where you can see the nail bed through. I loooove the effect and the shade. The last my option is a purple option (duh…) it’s Picture Polish Imperial shade. I’ve spoke about those polishes more in recent post (here) but the shade is in-cre-di-ble. Bright purple with golden specks of glitter. Wow, just wow. 

Some random? Yes. My new cobalt blue Beats Solo 2. That was a present from my lovely parents and I lived whole summer in those and plan to live my fall in them. The sound, the color and possessing fact, the travel case – I’m blown away. Literally. 

Hope you all had an amazing summer and let’s all have even more amazing september. What are you let’s-start-september beauty bits?



2 thoughts on “Hello September

  1. Supermodel is a beautiful shade from Deborah Lippmann…and the cobalt blue Beats means some serious business just by the looks of it…great post to kick off September!

    • Thanks a lot! And the shade is amazing, I agree :) Just the staying power is not the best because of the jelly formula, but I can forgive anything for a shade :) I appreciate stopping by! xx

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