Nars Isolde

I have never tried Nars eyeshadows before and always thought the best way to try them out is to buy a palette, but they are all limited edition ones and every time I was about to purchase one they were out of stock. I’ve decided that was enough for me and it’s time to take some actions. 

When I went to the store I was overwhelmed with the shade selection – neutrals, brights, purples, shimmers, green, monos, duos… oh my. Choice problems. I thought a while and decided NOT to step out of the comfort zone cause what’s the better way to test something out than to use it on a daily basis? 


I’m a big fan of eye makeup and I’m not afraid to go out in daytime wear gin something dark and bright, so I’ve decided to stay in the middle of the spectrum – opaque but subtle. And then NARS Isolde Duo came…


The duo has bronzy goldy redish tone a.k.a. written SweetBounty all over it. The pigmentation is 10 out of 5. And on my fav NARS primer (you know one I’m talking about) it’s stunning. Bright, subtle expensive shimmer, interesting and multidimensional shades. I wore them in the heat and no smudging or fading what so ever, I’ve tried applying it both ways (fingers and brush) both easy and fast. The texture is buttery and blendable, no fall out. 

I’m definitely picking up some more shades (and I really really want a palette…) so if you have any color recommendations please pop them below. 

Have you tried any of NARS eyeshadows? What are you favorite eyeshadows?




3 thoughts on “Nars Isolde

    • Thank you! I wanted the Narsissist palette so badly but I just couldn’t get it – it was sold out everywhere in the place that ship worldwide… :( but the shades are very beautiful there :) xx

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