Rose Gold Bar

Recently there appeared a trend on simple and dainty jewelry piece – nothing major but they are popping from time to time here and there. I’m a big fan of jewelry and necklaces in particular. I don’t own many rings or earnings for that matter, but necklaces… Without further blabbing I better show you the necklace I’m obsessing over. 


Rose Gold Bar Necklace was bought of my favorite jewelry site – This is an incredible site that is full of hand made staff with huge price range. My necklace is from Dorocy shop. They have tons of different design and option you can choose from – silver, gold, rose gold, with to with out initials, beads or no beads, infinity necklace, teddy  bear ones, elephants…all that you heart desires. 

I’ve decided to go the simplest way – rose gold bar necklace with neither initials not beads and 16-inch chain. I wanted it to be very simple and delicate, something I can dress up or down. It looks equally beautiful either with simple T-shirt or evening dress. 


I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I got it. And I wish I have it in silver. And I’m planning on ordering one ASAP. 

Do you have any interesting finds on Esty? Share them with me, I love browsing that site.



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